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We have Various Sizes & Fabrics to Contain All Your Daily Essentials & A4 Documents. Different Strap Lengths for Different Styles, our SHOULDER BAGS ensures that you still look Chic with a Practical Bag. Though NaRaYa Bags are made with Fabric, they are Well Designed, and most are Supported with a Hard Base to ensure the Bag Keeps Its Shape.

Naraya Handbags
Chic NaRaYa Handbags to Contain your Daily Essentials for a Casual Outing, or an Evening Bag to Complete your Ensemble for Dinner. Available in Satin and various feminine Prints with Pretty Details to cater to a Different Look Everyday.



NaRaYa Bags 曼谷包 have two distinct features they're water-resistant quilted fabric and famous for their signature oversized bow. Price are also incredibly affordable.
Naraya Multi Purpose POUCHES
Carry a multi purpos purpose Naraya pouch that will let you put your small items as well as tissue in one bags !

Naraya Pouches
Handy NaRaYa Pouches to help Organize your Bag and Keep the Small Stuffs together.

Naraya Products --- Pre-order
If you have any bags that you want to order. We go to Bangkok every month.  You may check with us by writing to

  mobile 81888230
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