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  NaRaYa Bags
very prompt in reply...keep in touch thru phone tht is very personalised...right after making the payment...the transaction of getting the goods is very fast....well organised which make me will be confidence in your biz....will recomend to my friends n family members....... Hanizuspita, Singapore, Saturday 28, February, year 2009, 5.17pm
  NaRaYa Bags
very good service n products.. they tried to ask their previous customers things like i didn't quite know which size to purchase.. really very good service.. GOOD! =)........ Ann Lee, Singapore, Wednesday 28, October, year 2009, 9.27am
  NaRaYa Bags
  very good service. I needed it early, and they are very nice wanting to meet me up. Definitely will recommend to my friends ...... Rachel Shi Yun Yi,  Singapore, Wednesday 20, April, year 2011, 11.39pm
  NaRaYa Bags
  Desmond has been helpful and patient in helping me to search for bags which im lookin for..And revert to my enquiries shortly everytime i requested for any.From the process from enquiries to ordering and delivery are well-coordinated ...... Lim Siling,  Singapore, Monday, 09th April 2007, 11.47am
  NaRaYa Bags
  Desmond responded very quickly to my enquiry and delivered the product on time. Very good customer service and friendly...... Michelle Hou,  Singapore, Saturday 15, October, year 2011, 10.55pm
  NaRaYa Bags
Bag was received on Friday in good condition. Just in time for CNY. Will order from you all again if I need anymore Naraya bag from u. Happy year .......Celine Wan,  Singapore, Sunday 22, January, year 2012, 6.22pm  (via email)
  NaRaYa Bags
  Good quality, prefers the product ordered packed in bubble wrap for better handling and not been damaged........Hasimah Noor Abd Talib,  Malaysia, Thursday 03, May, year 2012, 00.36am
  Calorie Buster Slimming Pants
  i think it has a great impact on myself as well it boosted my confidence. i used to have a pear shape body, now its on its way to hour glass maybe? it controls my appetite hence the slimming effect. its good under dresses too as my jeans is way too big! hehehe! ......Nurfaezah Ramli,  Singapore, Sunday, 01, March, year 2009, , 3.34ordered the products on 8th February, 2009
  Calorie Buster Slimming Pants
  I have tried the slimming pants make me myself 2 size smaller! GREAT product!  ........... Meshelle Lee, Singapore, Monday, 16th September 2008, 12.30 am ordered the products on 6th September, 2008
Service was excellent. Mail was lost (sadly) but sellers replaced the order and delivered to door step to prevent lost mail. Thankful to receive item before my anniversary trip to Phuket and Krabi! ...... Candy Loke,  Singapore, Monday 14, November, year 2011, 10.59pm
  Korean Fashion Apparel
  the clothes are of a very good quality and they look exactly the same as they appear in the pictures..and i will order again because of the beautifull clothes and staff that make you feel more comfortable coming back ...... Noor Hisham Al Woqyan,  Kuwait, Friday, 25th Jan 2008, 3.56 pm
  Korean Fashion Apparel
  Desmond been really prompt in his delivery and service. I like the dress I bought, good materials and cutting except that the one i bought might seems a little too short than i expected. overall good online shopping experience. Hope to see more variety and items soon....... Jeslyn Tan, Singapore, Friday, 18th July 2008, 9.49 am
  Calorie Buster Slimming Pants
  Good product and material. Will recommend to others. Colours should be multi to attract different generations. ........Christine Tan on Slimming Pants, 14 January 2014
  Calorie Buster Slimming Pants
  Great product and great service! One day after order, seller personally called me to inform that item has been mailed out and i should be receiving it within the week. Item received 3 days after order date. Super fast and responsible seller. Product works well too..........Sahida Nafiza on Slimming Pants, 06 May 2016
  Calorie Buster Slimming Pants
  Yap, the price is high, but the material and the effect is indeed the best among all my slimming pants besides the Qtto sleeping pant . For your information, I own different types of slimming pants, from Germa 3D, high waist, shape up to Cellulite pants. It can shape up your bottom indeed, the only thing is that the shape up on the thigh is not up to my expectation. Maybe, I am being a bit unrealistic to hope that there is an instant effect in flattening my inner thigh. Anyway, you can feel the different from the others after wearing it, except on Qtto, another satisfaction, expensive slimming pant. ........Wendy Yeong on Slimming Pants, 12 April 2011
Short Comments
Very prompt service ....... Marlini on the NaRaYa bags, 25 June 2009, Thur, 3.43 pm
Good Service, bag quality is good. Design is great....... Eve Ho on the Bibu Bibu bags, 13 Sept 2011, Tues, 6.29 pm
Service very good, fast respond.........Yong Li Hong on Calorie Buster Slimming Pants, 30 June 2009, Tues, 1.21 pm
Excellent service ....... Eliya See on the NaRaYabags, 11 Oct 2011, Tues, 10.40 pm
nice design, comfortable and good service ....... Jean Chia on theSwimwear, 11 Nov 2011, Sun, 9.13 pm
Product is of good condition & service is good....... Anonymous on theNaRaYa bags, 17 Dec 2011, Sun, 9.39 pm
Products are of good quality. Service is good........ Veronica Young on the NaRaYabags, 24 Jan 2012, Tues, 12.02 pm
Fast delivery! Greatly appreciated, especially in days of emergency........Jasmine Gan on Calorie Buster Slimming Pants, 8 March 2010, Mon, 4.54 pm
Quality good, service great! ....... Annette Phayon the NaRaYa bags, 17 Feb 2012, Fri, 10.06 am
very good ........Yvonne Sim on pre-order for NaRaYa bag, 11 January 2010, Mon, 4.47 pm
Great experience........Karen Lim on Slimming Pants , 14 December 2013
nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice ........Ng Jenn Jong on Arm Shaper, 10 July 2014
is very good tq ........Jullie Lam on Arm Shaper, 10 November 2014
Item was received with good packing in good condition ........ Rathishon Arm Shaper, 14 August 2015
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